Payroll Software

Simplify your payroll processes, eliminate errors, and provide a best-in-class employee experience with our automated Payroll Management Software. Reduce processing time, ensure compliance, and create the perfect pay check by managing time, tax, and pay in a single, unified solution. Improve strategic business decisions by gaining real-time visibility and comprehensive insights into your payroll data. A Multi-currency, multi-country Payroll Management software solution which fully automates and streamlines the payroll function of your business.

Core Features

Payroll Software Solution is comprehensive, simple to use and cost effective. It eliminates the hassle of manual payroll calculations and enables payroll generation centrally for multiple branches/locations within the company


Payroll Dashboards

An intelligent payroll dashboard with payroll links and overview of the complete system.


Assign Pay Structures

Group employees with common pay components to same Pay Structure. Assign default component values.


User Defined Payroll Components

Admins can configure Earning/ Deduction components according to requirements & rules applicable in their company.


Salary Annexures

Salary details can be easily configured as gross monthly and CTC. Can also bulk update on basic rate revision.


User Defined Pay Structures

Admins can easily create multiple Pay Structures using earning/deduction components, taxes and save them for reuse.



Admin can set employees next appraisal date and get appraisal due alert on Payroll dashboard.


Statutory Taxation

Admin can define various tax components according to the requirements of the company.


Loans & Advances

Employee can view his Loan and Advance ledger details. Loan can be adjusted either with employee’s salary or with cash payment.


Asset Management

Add assets, bulk upload using CSV, assign to employees, define expected return date, release to pool.



Monthly & Yearly reimbursements. Add max limit on bill amount. Add bills and build claims.


Benefits - Bonus & Gratuity

Apply your Bonus rules and Gratuity conditions effortlessly and accurately.



Employee can view his compensation details, view all pay slips and download them as well when required.


Full & Final Settlement

Process Full and Final settlement for outgoing employees quickly and easily while reviewing all pending data.


Expense Management

Manage Imprest & daily employee expenses easily with easy-to-use head-wise expense handling from mobile app.


Payroll Reports

View complete break-up of salary payout in company for a month.